Great News! Yolanda was able to find a distant relative that confirmed that John Paris’s son, Henry AND grandson, Henry, both carried the middle name of “Demetrio.” This is great news as this lends supports to the oral history that John was also known as “Demetrio.” We had evidence that grandson Henry’s middle initial was D. but we could not find any evidence of what it stood for. Yolanda was able to find the family of grandson Henry D. Paris by looking in the phone book and calling up a former contact. If I understand it correctly, the informant is the daughter of the late Henry D. Paris’s (the grandson) wife and her husband, William Enos.

In other news, I  have enlisted the participation of a member of the Perez/Taitano who has agreed to have their  DNA tested. I hope that this will shed light on the connection of Francisco Taitano that owned land adjacent to that owned by Demetrio Perez. There is also a Francisca Perez that owned land to the south of that owned by Demetrio. This particular individual is from the Cruz clan. The land was bordered on the north by land owned by Mariano de la Cruz.....hmmmm.

Thank you to all who have donated to the project so far! We sincerely appreciate your support!

~ Jillette Leon Guerrero




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