Today I received good news from Roberta Estes, owner of DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy. You can view her site at:

After reviewing the DNA test results of Benjamin Paris  and Yolanda Paris Sugimoto (great grandchildren of John Paris), Jose Arriola Perez (Guam) and Justo Torre Leon Guerrero (Guam) she believes that:

            Benjamin and Jose Perez are related via the Perez line (YDNA line). You may remember that Vincent Diego suggested that we do additional testing to avoid a sampling error. We are waiting on the results of those tests that are expected in late April.

            Justo, Benjamin and Jose are related but not through the Perez line. Since we know the relationship between Jose and Justo is via the Leon-Guerrero line I think we can reasonably assume that the relationship between Justo and Benjamin is via the Leon-Guerrero line as well.

            In reference to the autosomal tests, she says, “Benjamin and Yolanda are siblings, but Jose looks to be related to no one but your Dad [Justo]. However, when I moved to the chromosome browser and changed the cM to a threshold of 1, and selected all the kits involved… you can see that indeed, Jose does match both Benjamin AND Yolanda, just in smaller segments.”

So the task is now to try and work backwards through the cousinship estimates:

Justo and Benjamin/Yolanda 3rd cousins

Justo and Jose 2nd cousins

Jose and Benjamin/Yolanda (waiting on test results)

I've got my work cut out for me!
~Jillette Leon-Gue



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