Comprehensive as it is, the research of Jillette de León Guerrero presented in this blog complies with one of the most important aspects of scholar research: the suppression of the hardships of all the previous work, sacrificed in favor of a direct, broad presentation of the facts. After all, what matters is the outcome of the research.

But, ah! How much work is behind these facts presented in Across the Water in Time… Only Jillette herself knows. Documentary research proves to be one of the most difficult intellectual activities: Records are often scattered in different locations; the researcher does not really know what can be found, nor where, among the thousands of records deposited in one given location… Hours and hours of tedious search of microfilms, photocopies or original documents, can often be rewarded with no particular data.

However, in other instances, such as the naturalization document of “Juan Perez”, presented below, the researcher hits the jackpot by locating a single, revealing document, which can serve as a testimony of the hypothesis and foster the continuation of the work.

~Carlos Madrid



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