I just finished turning in everything for the documentary to PBS Guam. (Said with a huge sigh of relief!)

What a process this has been! Much more work than I originally envisioned but I am happy that it is almost done. What was I thinking?!?  Conducting research, building a website, producing a documentary and three public presentations all within one project. Whew! Almost there!

I know it may be a little early but I’d like to recognize all those who have helped in this process by either contributing financial resources or time and expertise.  I have added a new page to the website entitled ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS toward this end.

Since I am on this topic, I must single out a couple of people who really helped me when I was buried beneath the weight of the project.  Bal Aguon served as my sounding board and cheering squad – his calm demeanor and unwavering encouragement really help lift my spirits when I was in the depths of despair and wondering what I had got myself into. Carlos Madrid was always cheerful, available and helpful when I asked for his expert advice or assistance. (Which was often.)  He was always positive and eager to discuss historical research and offered additional resources to investigate. Always willing to share his knowledge, Carlos contributed much to the project. Carina Fejerang who despite her busy life, took a week to accompany me to Hawaii to assist with the shooting of the documentary and research. A positive and capable individual who I can always count on continues to lend her business acumen to helping raise funds to defray the costs of the project.  Rosanna Barcinas was like the Calvary arriving! Only a few days after returning from off island travel she jumped right in to help me when I was drowning in work – almost paralyzed. Always committed to what ever she does with a strong work ethic, she stepped in and got to work! Her ability to see the best in people and rally the troops was a godsend.  On top of that, she is a joy to be around!

These individuals all volunteered their help with no promise of monetary gain for the sake of the project. While Bal, Carlos, Carina and Rosanna have been my friends for years, their commitment goes beyond the bounds of friendship and I am truly grateful.    

I must also mention Yolanda Paris Sugimoto, my newfound cousin, who was a dream to work with! She was always eager to respond to my requests for information in a timely manner. She is another individual with a great work ethic but with the added bonus of being a warm and crazy kinda gal. A kindred spirit, our new friendship will last a lifetime.

My last mention goes to my husband, Jean Paul Lescure, who supports me both emotionally and financially! Without his continued support for my endeavors, I would not be able to pursue my love of research and history. I am fortunate to have a husband who not only loves me, but believes in me as well.

I am truly a fortunate person.

~Jillette Leon-Guerrero



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