I am trying to establish a familial connection between the landowners surrounding the land originally owned by Demetrio Perez. I do this in order to test my theory that members of an extended family many times owned land adjacent to each other. If this is the case and we can establish a familial connection between those listed below then we can assume that Demetrio was a member of this clan.   If you have any information regarding any of these families I would appreciate it if you could contact me at info@acrossthewaterintime.com or submit a comment below.

Land sold by Demetrio Perez in 1868 to Jose Blas Asuncion was located in Jalaguac and was a cocoa and coffee plantation. It was originally bordered by land owned by:

On the East: Gertrudis Tenorio and Jose Flores. There are two Gestrudes Tenorio’s listed in the 1897 census. One is a widow born about 1841. She is listed on page 99-65b and another that is 8 years old listed a few pages later (99-69a). She is the daughter of Felipe Tenorio, 34 years old and Tomas Eustaquio, 33 years old. It seems probable that Felipe and the elder Gerstrudes are related.  She seems to be a good candidate for the Gertrudis Tenorio listed on the land document.

There is only one Don Jose Flores born 1829 listed on page 99-50. He is married to a Maria de la Cruz, 57 years old.

On the North: Mariano de la Cruz. There were several Mariano de la Cruz’s listed in the census but one was listed in close proximity to Tenorio and Flores above. Mariano de la Cruz 60, on page 99-67b was married to Maria Peredo, 59. The other candidates are:

page 99-21a he is 59 and married to Maria Blaz, 38.

page 99-4a Mariano de la Cruz, 38 married to Josefa de los Santos, 36.

Page 99-6b Mariano de la Cruz, 43 married to  Apolonaria Mendiola, 42.

The other Mariano de la Cruz’s appear too young to be landowners but it cannot be ruled out.

On the South: Francisca Perez. There are three possible candidates. 60 year-old Francisca Perez, a widow on page 99-4b lives with Josefa de Salas  32; Maria de Salas 26, Jesus de Salas 6 and Rosa de Salas 5. Another Francisca Perez is listed on page 99-6a lives with Ramon de los Santos, 56 and Ana Pablo, 57 and Miguel de los Santos married to Nieves Taitano, 35 and several other de los Santos family members. Francisca Perez 42, the daughter of Paula Perez, 67 lives right next to Felipe Tenorio above and is listed on page  99-69a.

On the West: Don Francisco Taitano (aka Francisco Taitano Perez and Francisco Perez Taitano) 99-63. He is married to Maria Encarnacion and is the father of Atancaio Taitano married to Carmen Duenas listed below him.  

As for Jose Blas Asuncion, on page 99-64b of the 1897 census there are several Blas-Asuncion family members: Vicente, 43 Antonio 24 and Lorenzo 17. Their mother is a widow: Ana Blaz (63). While I could find no Jose Blas Asuncion, it appears that this is the family of Jose Blas Asuncion.

It appears that most of these individuals live in close proximity to each other if you take their placement in the census as an indicator of the location of their household. Whether or not this is the case - or even significant, remains to be seen.

                                                                                                                  ~Jillette Leon-Guerrero



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